Mosaic Creator - professional mosaic software

   Mosaic Creator is professional photo mosaic and mosaic tile tool. Create your custom photographics mosaics as unique gifts. Specific for Mosaic Creator are optional non rectangular pattern cell shapes. The Mosaic Wizard simplifies the process of mosaic definition.

What can you do with Mosaic Creator?

01 Photographic mosaics or random mosaics [view gallery ] [sample 3 Gigapixel mosaic] Mosaic Creator is a program for creating image montages (photo mosaics, mixed mosaics, random mosaics), that are images which consist of a small pictures called cell images. When viewed from a distance, you see source image. Other names for image montage are photo mosaic or photo-tiled image. Unique for Mosaic Creator are nonrectangular cell shapes (see available patterns) or sample images in gallery.

02 Tile mosaics form glass, ceramic, stones or quilts [view tile mosaic samples] If you want to design professional mosaic from glass, ceramic, stones or quilts, use Mosaic Creator as your support software tool. Convert any image to tile mosaic and preview material list or use size calculator. You can preview and export filling map and assemble your mosaic by calculated tile numbers. (see more).

03 Web thumbnail gallery [view sample thumbnails] If you want to create web gallery use Mosaic Creator and with few clicks prepare your photos for publishing. See visual explanation of features or sample thumbnails.

04 Video mosaics [view sample videos] Render video mosaic from video frame sequence or static images. Cell images can be static or small video sequence too. You can use all templates for photo mosaics, tile mosaics and web gallery thumbnails. You can prepare text mosaics and ASCII art video. (see samples).

05 Text mosaics [view text mosaics] Create mosaics from defined text. Use many options to enhance text color, text size, transparency and background color or texture. See sample.

06 ASCII Art [view samples] Create ASCII Art (convert image to text) and render it to HTML file or directly to picture. See sample.



Mosaic Creator awards

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From The Mosaic Creator users

A very nice piece of software! I'm making a Christmas present mosaic that will be much appreciated!

Thanks, Geoff


Hi there,
I am excited about your product and because I believe in supporting such shareware, I immediately purchased the Lite version.

Thank you, Kat. Caverly


I am very pleased with your product, and continue to use it and recommend it to others.



Thank you so much, Olej!
My wife loved her anniversary present, and had me make a variation for her father.


Still, I'm very impressed with what you have done with Mosaic Creator. All-in-all, I'd says it's the best program in its class. I hope you can find the time to continue to improve it. Thanks for the effort you put into this version.
I think it's a significant improvement over an already fantastic program.


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