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Printed photo mosaics are the perfect gift for all family anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, friends.

Photo mosaic examples in videos

Create unique photo mosaic

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Photo mosaic

Turn image into photo mosaic with different cell size and patterns.  When is picture viewed from a distance, original image is visible.
Printed photo mosaic is perfect gift for birthday or anniversary.

Mosaic Tile design

Create real-like tile mosaic from image tiles.

Calculate Tile mosaic form glass, ceramic, stones or quilts. Prepare design for bathroom or pool. Use mosaic calculator and preview material list for real mosaic build. Preview and export filling map and assemble your mosaic by calculated tile numbers.

World map design graphics - Mosaic Creator

Unique mosaic graphics

Create unique mosaic graphics with different patterns, colorization, tile rotation and size. Make special image montage and
photo collage.

Video mosaic

Render video mosaic from video frame sequence or static images. Use all templates for photo mosaics and tile mosaics.

World map text mosaic

Text mosaic

Create unique mosaic graphics with different patterns, colorization, tile rotation and size. Use any background, mosaic mask, font and colors as you want.

Mosaic texture and 3D depth map

Mosaics textures and depth maps​

Prepare mosaic textures and depth maps for 3D rendering

Color mosaic from butterfly

Random mosaic or color mosaic

Generate  random mosaic or color mosaic. You can use any images or photos and convert it to mosaic tiles.

Harvard University
Coca Cola
U.S. Army
The Most Advanced

Mosaic Creator features

Mosaic Wizzard

Select mosaic type and easy set mosaic configuration

Mosaic calculator

Mosaic size calculator for printed or physical mosaics

Color enhancements

Custom settings for color improvements

Mosaic filling options

Full control over mosaic tile filling - distance and repetition

60+ patterns

Patterns ready for use and pattern editor

Video mosaics

Unique features for photo mosaic rendering

High resolution output

Mosaic rendering in high resolution for poster print

Filling grid editor

Control mosaic filling with multi-size tile support

Random mosaic

Generate randomly filled mosaics

Download Mosaic Creator

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Mosaic Creator is shareware with 30 days trial period. Output image file size is limited to 20 MB in the trial version.

Unregistered software superimposes the name of the program onto the bottom-left corner of the images. If you plan to continue using the program after that period, you must register.

For more information see Purchasing & registering help

System requirements
  • MS Windows 7/8/10
  • Minimum 2 GB RAM
  • 30 MB disk space for program and additional files
  • Minimum 500 MB storage for rendered result images
Mosaic Creator photo mosaic with cicle tiles

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