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Mosaic Creator version 3.3

Mosaic Creator is shareware with 30 days trial period. There are few limitations during trial period. If you plan to use the program, you must register.

Download Mosaic Creator  Mosaic Creator Download free trial version 3.3


Download Mosaic Creator  Mosaic Creator Download free trial version 3.1


  System requirements

MS Windows
  • MS Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Minimum 2GB RAM
  • 30 MB disk space for installation
  • 500 MB hard disk space for rendered files


Cell image collections

Cell image collection 1 - CD covers

MS Windows Vista  1220 images of CD covers (Size 1668 kB)


Cell image collection 2 - bird stamps

MS Windows Vista  2900 images of bird stamps (Size 7772 kB)


Cell image collection 3 - classical paintings

MS Windows Vista  970 classical paintings (Size 2109 kB)


Cell image collection 4 - beer coasters

MS Windows Vista  1290 images of beer coasters (Size 3304 kB)


Mosaic patterns

Pattern shapes for registered users Zip archive is password protected. If you register Mosaic Creator, password to decrypt content of ZIP archive will be displayed.

MS Windows Vista  Additional pattern shapes for registered users (Size 128 kB)


Additional free patterns from Ken Childress  e-mail

MS Windows Vista  Additional free patterns (Size 56 kB)


 Mosaic Creator version history

Mosaic Creator ver. 3.3

  • rendering performance improved - in-memory rendering
  • new mosaic rendering preview
  • added option ignore black cell images
  • added option skip black cell images
  • added option skip black source parts
  • added option skip white source parts
  • added HD Video resolutions support
  • added Standard video frame rates
  • added Video rendering progress bar
  • added option relative colorize
  • added option adaptive colorize
  • fixed Delete mosaic if stop used during rendering
  • fixed Reset source corrections on new source load
  • fixed Correct output dir for filling matrix
  • fixed if rendering videomosaic dont save undo for each frame

Mosaic Creator ver. 3.2

  • added options to crop cell images from top, middle or bottom
  • added option compress pattern - control distance of cells
  • added option to control stretch limit for cell images
  • added option for background - last rendered image
  • added saving filling grid and cell groups in mosaic definition file
  • added batch slice tool
  • added batch rename tool based on image aspect ratio
  • added batch remove border tool
  • added batch create multiresolution images
  • added option to create border as resize of cell
  • added support for grayscale patterns
  • added new options to force use all cell images
  • added predefined paper sizes for mosaic size calculator
  • added mosaic priority mask
  • added option to control rendering priority for mosaic with mask image
  • added option to control colorization for mosaic
  • added support for many different image file formats
  • speed-up image render with complex patterns and large mosaics
  • corrected shadow render over image background
  • changed selection of mosaic type

Mosaic Creator ver. 3.1

  • added render mode selection - buttons and content popup menu
  • added option to control filling process - auto, center, random and more
  • added dithering options for source image - 6+ dithering types (recommended for tile mosaics)
  • added non-integer distance limit - ready to experiment with tile mosaics
  • added cropping for source image
  • added gradient selector as source image (ready for tile gradient mosaics)
  • minor speed enhancements

Mosaic Creator ver. 3.00

  • added mosaic size calculator
  • added transparency option for alpha mask
  • added font option for HTML ASCII art
  • added source image processing - sharpen, saturation, contrast, brightness, gamma, RGB
  • added cell image processing - sharpen, saturation, contrast, brightness, gamma
  • added filling grid - cell groups (max 5 cell groups), zoom
  • added enhanced reports - filling matrix, price list - exportable to PDF, and more
  • added new option - size of export filling matrix
  • added basic undo/redo feature - for each rendered settings with fast preview (optionable)
  • added displays printing size when cell size and number of cells changed
  • added file association for .mos (mosaic definition) and mot. files (mosaic template)
  • changed option force use each cell image
  • hidden registration number

Mosaic Creator ver. 2.98

  • added option - cell image comments as file names

Mosaic Creator ver. 2.95

  • added option - shutdown computer after finished render
  • render mosaics greater than 2 GB - PNG and TIFF file formats (limited)
  • render mosaics - multipart (option for number of parts) for extra large output size
  • added random cell offset
  • added random gap size
  • added cell rotate - uniform, random or predefined math functions
  • added new patterns
  • added rotate and gap options in video render mode
  • added force first cell images in sequence in video render mode
  • added option - export delimiter
  • minor optimization
  • changes in rendering

Mosaic Creator ver. 2.9

  • service release
  • minor optimization
  • render bug fixing (minor rounding problems)
  • minor visual changes (main menu)

Mosaic Creator ver. 2.82

  • new option - force use each cell image, requested from users but not recommended :)
  • when used, mosaics can be rendered not in high quality

Mosaic Creator ver. 2.81

  • new option - each mosaic saved to new file, don't overwrite previous images
  • speed-up loading image list

Mosaic Creator ver. 2.8

  • ability render and prepare mosaics from physical tiles (glass, ceramics, stones)
  • added calculation of used cells
  • minor speed enhancements
  • added grayscale output option
  • added display cell ID in mosaic
  • added display CSV filling matrix
  • added visible source image in filling matrix
  • added support for render mosaics with text + many new options
  • added filling grid images
  • added grout images
  • added tile sets
  • added image button sets for thumbnail navigation
  • added size mosaic calculator for tiled mosaics
  • added font size option on thumbnail
  • added new wizard for all types of mosaics (many new options), four steps and render
  • added shadow options
  • added option to control pattern cell gap
  • added support for multilanguage interface, now we need translators only :)
  • added color schemes for thumbnails

Mosaic Creator ver. 2.65

  • added HTML codepage selection
  • added half-portrait and half-landscape size in thumb wizard
  • added EXIF details for detail thumbnail image

Mosaic Creator ver. 2.6

  • changed border compare calculation
  • added multiple page thumbnails
  • added JPEG compression option in thumbnail wizard
  • added output thumbnail file name combobox
  • added watermarking (text and image/logo)
  • added auto removing file name duplicates in cell image list
  • added footer property
  • added borders for thumbnail images

Mosaic Creator ver. 2.5

  • fixed errors on background rendering filled with image
  • added thumbnail wizard link in main menu and toolbar
  • added rendering sequence window
  • added rendering sequence to JPG files
  • added rendering sequence to AVI file, AVI file properties dialog
  • added rendering 3 options for sequence rendering frame to frame
  • added command line support for rendering *.mos file
  • added force cell images - render with limited image set
  • changed border compare calculation

Mosaic Creator ver. 2.4

  • filling matrix - define filling cells, load from image

Mosaic Creator ver. 2.35

  • preview of wizard thumbnail templates
  • added new thumbnail templates

Mosaic Creator ver. 2.3

  • crop cell images to cell size - avoid cell image deformations
  • automatic cropping cell images in thumbnail wizard
  • JPG output file type used in thumbnail wizard

Mosaic Creator ver. 2.2

  •  support multiple color masks
  • added color masks images
  • added thumbnail templates
  • comments for thumbnail images and position options
  • thumbnail image destination directory option
  • relative paths used for thumbnail images
  • text output for cell image matrix

Mosaic Creator ver. 2.01

  • Service release
  • added thumbnail templates


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