Deductus - local file search engine


Deductus is disk catalog and personal full-text search engine with explorer-like interface.

You can store information of all kind of media like local disks, network shared disks, CD ROMs, ZIP disks and other removable sources.

Deductus allows you to search your disk collection, text files, HTML files, documents (DOC, PDF, RTF) and MP3s.

Transparent browsing is supported in ZIP, RAR, ACE and tar.gz archives.

Information is extracted with selectable depth, from directory structure and file names to total file content indexing. This enables fulltext searching on supported file types.


First you must create index for each disk or CD. When indexes are prepared, searching is very fast. Deductus has a highly customizable set of options for indexing.

Search query is based on boolean query. Result files are sorted by relevance. You can search by directory, file name or file content. There are some standard options like case sensitive or whole word search. List of disks included into search is selectable.

Result of search is list of files. By default are sorted by relevance. You can change sort order by displayed columns. Supported export formats are HTML, XLS and TXT file.

Main features

  • Full-text word based search engine
  • Ultra-fast search on indexed disks
  • Search results are sorted by relevance
  • Transparent browsing in archives
  • Support for multilanguage interface
  • Special read-only mode
  • CDDB support
  • Command line searching
  • Scheduled update for local, network disks
  • Fast content preview
  • Supported more than 40 file formats

Search engine features

  • Medium type (CD ROM/DVD, HDD, USB disk)
  • File types (text, HTML, images,…)
  • Case sensitive search
  • Support for accent characters
  • Boolean keyword search
  • Whole words search
  • Search over all available disks
  • Result files sorted by relevance
  • File extension filter

Viewing features

  • Sorting by selected columns
  • Export file list into XLS, HTML or TXT file
  • Preview partial file content
  • Built-in image viewer

Deductus Search Server

Deductus search server is powerful search engine based on Deductus. Add search features for your LAN or Intranet. Search installations files, help comments, document, manuals on local disk, network and CD ROM collection. Use scheduled updates for disks and network shares.

  • very fast search
  • content search in text files, HTML files and documents
  • template based search page
  • indexed unlimited disk count

Technical details Deductus Search Server is easy configurable HTTP server. Set two HTML template pages and Deductus Search Server is ready for searching. Deductus Search Server is freeware.


Deductus is shareware with 30 days trial period. There are no limitations during trial period. If you plan to continue using the program after that period, you must register.

 System requirements

MS Windows

  • MS Windows XP/7/8/10
  • Minimum 32 MB RAM
  • 20 MB disk space for indexes

Deductus version history

Deductus Version 1.55

  • added function – Copy file to
  • added suport for multiple index directories
  • speed optimalisation for using huge number of indexes

Deductus Version 1.53

  • added russian language
  • preview of DOC files (plain text)
  • optimized indexing office files (slower but result indexes are smaller)

Deductus Version 1.52

  • fixed minor bugs
  • added Hungarian translation
  • DOC, XLS, PPT files for preview stored in temporary directory

Deductus Version 1.51

  • e-mail extracting
  • searching documents by e-mail
  • display e-mails for selected document in search result

Deductus Version 1.5

  • added support for indexing and searching numbers with dot (3.14 :o)
  • added list of keywords, searching and displaying keywords
  • force searching for selected file types

Deductus Version 1.4

  • Search text highlighting
  • Preview of HTML, PDF, MS Office docs
  • import image content
  • CDDB support
  • export file list from selected tree node
  • export directory list from selected tree node indexing
  • HLP file content
  • added Slovak and French translation
  • import WAV information
  • import short info from sound trackers
  • import Monkey file information
  • import OggVorbis file information
  • import TwinVQ files info
  • import .ifo DVD file info
  • lite support for WMA format
  • Directory tabsheet – size and total files
  • ZIP SFX, RAR SFX support
  • Number filter option

Deductus translated by

  1. Dutch – Martijn Aukema
  2. French – Gautier Girard, Normand Peladeau, Sylvain Arene
  3. German – Ulrich Schmidt
  4. Italian -Fabio Maione, Carlo L. Ciapetti
  5. Polish – Slawomir Wyszynski vel Pchel
  6. Slovak – Stano Pavlisin
  7. Spanish – Elsa Garcia, David
  8. Brazilian Portuguese – Rodrigo Rezende de Souza
  9. Hungarian – Döbröntei Sándor
  10. Russian – Viacheslav Yaroslavtsev
  11. Czech – Tomáš Milbach
  12. Hebrew – Michael Shkodnikov
  13. Turkish – Hasan BALTALAR
  14. Norwegian – anonymous user

Deductus FAQ

What is Deductus?
Deductus is disk catalog and fast file search engine. It can search your media collection in seconds.
What are advantages of Deductus?
Deductus works with hundreds of indexed disks
  • fast startup with all opened indexes
  • really fast content search
  • easy of use – explorer like interface
  • continuously improved and bug fixed
  • free technical support by e-mail
Does Deductus run on Windows 7, 8, 10?
Why should I register?
Deductus is released as shareware, allowing you to test it for a limited 30 days period. If you plan to continue using the program after that period, you are required to register.
What happens to user if fail to register after 30 day trial period?
Deductus is after few minutes automatically terminated. User can enter registration number.
Are there some limitations during trial period?
There are no limitations for using Deductus in 30 days trial period. The reason is, that you can try strength and speed of multi-disk search.
I have installed Deductus. What do I do now?
If you want to start using Deductus, you must add disk. Click on Action/Add Disk and select drive and/or directory. Enter disk name and press button OK. First disk will be added and you can start searching.
Are there any limitations to the number of disks?
No limitations.
Can I view a thumbnail of a picture that is on a CD?
Yes, if you index your CD with enabled Add image preview option.
Can I share my disk indexes?
This feature is not directly implemented in Deductus. Disk indexes are stored in ./INDEX directory. Each directory is one disk index. Directory name is similar to index name. Each directory has few files. You can compress matching directory with some compression tool and then decompress on others computers to ./INDEX directory. This is usable when you want to publish your CD-ROM collection.
How can I search files with extension MP3?
Open search window and select Attributes/File extension and add ‚MP3′. After this steps will be search line with this text ‚[EXTENSION MP3]’. Now press search button.
How to search files by content with more than one word?
If you more than one word, by default is used AND operator. For example if you enter ‚change window’, search engine will use ‚change AND window’. If you want use OR operator, you must enter it directly into search line.
What means Rate value in search file list?
Rate value is calculated from distance of searched word from beginning of file.
Are indexes “drive letter dependant”?
No, if your drive letters are changed or indexes are moved to other computer, appropriate drives for indexes are detected.
Can I run Deductus from CD?
Yes, burn entire Deductus directory (or only selected indexes from INDEX directory) on CD and then you can run Deductus from the CD. Deductus starts in read-only mode.
Does the registration fee cover a single installation or can I put it on a CD that I am distributing??
You can burn Deductus and indexes on CD and CD can be freely distributed and used without registration.
How can I create new Category?
You can’t create new category directly. Category list is automatically updated from disk list. There are two ways to create category. Change category of existing disk or add new disk into new category. Open property dialog on existing disk and change category value. Disk will be automatically moved to new category. If you want to add new disk into new category, enter category name during disk index definition.
Can Deductus read information about Audio CDs?
Yes, Deductus support CDDB and read track information.
Is possible to install one copy of Deductus on a network (LAN) drive so that it may be shared by many users at various workstations?
Yes, install it to shared directory. Create indexes from shared directories in LAN.
Is there any possibility to print out the content of the media or directory?
Yes. Select index or directory and export file list or directory list to text file.
How can I uninstall Deductus?
Open the Control Panel, select “Add/Remove programs” option, and double-click Deductus’s entry on the list. You must remove disk indexes by hand. Disk indexes are stored in Deductus directory (default C:\Program Files\Deductus) and subdirectory INDEX.
I think I have found a bug. Where and how can I submit reports about found problems?
You can send a description about any problem you find to Please check if you are using the latest version of program, problem may already be fixed at that time. When describing your problem, try to include used version, operating system and as much information as possible.
Can I make a suggestion for a new version?
Sure, new suggestions are welcome. You can send it to