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Mosaic Creator - Photo Mosaic software

Mosaic Creator is professional Photo Mosaic software for creating photo mosaic, photo collage, mosaic picture and mosaic video animations.

Use software as a mosaic tile generator – converts the picture to mosaic tiles, creates mosaic graphics, and calculates mosaic tile design.
There is a full range of options for control image distribution and enhanced rendering parameters. Renders many types of custom mosaics. Mosaic Creator is the most featured mosaic software available today.

What is a Photo Mosaic?

A photo mosaic is a photo made out of many small photos. When viewed from distance the main picture is visible whereas when viewed from a short distance the individual small photos are visible.

True photo mosaic consists of small photos without color fading. A fake photo mosaic is a layered picture of small photos covered by the main photo. You can create a true photo mosaic or tweak color enhancements as you need. Mosaic Creator supports multi-size tile photo mosaic.

Photo Mosaic or Mosaic Tile design

Mosaic software with the most features

Photo Mosaic Creator

Perfect gift for birthday or anniversary

Mosaic Tile Design Calculator

Prepare design for bathroom or pool

Mosaic Photo Collage

Render perfect photo collage from your own photo gallery

Custom Mosaic Graphics

Create unique mosaic graphics

Mosaic Tile Graphics

Create real-like tile mosaic from any image tiles - take a photo from your tiles and test result mosaic. You can use any type of tiles - ceramics, glass, stones, fuse beads, or any small items.

Create mosaic from beads

Create a real-like tile mosaic from image tiles. Control fine tile rotation and random positioning. Make mosaic from Perler, Artkal, Hama, Nabbi, or other images or Fuse Beads colors.

More samples in gallery

Harvard University
Coca Cola
U.S. Army
The Most Advanced photo mosaic software

Photo mosaic features

Mosaic Wizzard

Select mosaic type and easy set mosaic configuration

Mosaic calculator

Mosaic size calculator for printed or physical mosaics

Color enhancements

Custom settings for color improvements

Mosaic filling options

Full control over mosaic tile filling - distance and repetition

60+ patterns

Patterns ready for use and pattern editor

Video mosaics

Unique features for photo mosaic rendering

High resolution output

Mosaic rendering in high resolution for poster print

Filling grid editor

Control mosaic filling with multi-size tile support

Random mosaic

Generate randomly filled mosaics

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