Pixelate your portrait with color fuse beads in 2024

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Materials Needed

To embark on your pixelation journey, gather the essential materials – color fuse beads. You’ll need an assortment of color fuse beads, a pegboard, and an iron for fusing

Most known beads are Hama, Perler, Artkal and Nabbi.

The color selection is crucial, as it contributes to the overall aesthetic of your pixelated portrait.

Bring your mosaic fuse bead design to life by using the Mosaic Creator
Fuse beads portrait of lector woman created with Mosaic Creator

Step-by-Step Guide for pixelated mosaic

Begin by selecting a portrait or any other image for pixelation. Ensure the image is clear and well-defined for better results.

Connecting fuse beads is a straightforward process that involves arranging the beads into a desired pattern and then fusing them together using heat. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to connect fuse beads:

  1. Select Your Beads: Choose the colors and types of fuse beads you want to use for your design. Make sure you have enough beads to complete your pattern. There are many brands with different color palette. In most cases you can mix different products and increase details in your art work.
  2. Create Your Design: Arrange the beads on a pegboard in the desired pattern. You can find pre-made patterns or create your own custom design. Mosaics for this topic was created with Mosaic Creator.
  3. Fuse Beads Together:
    • Once your design is set, place a special ironing paper or parchment paper over the beads to protect them.
    • Use a hot iron on a medium setting. Move the iron in a circular motion over the paper, applying gentle pressure. Ironing should be handled by an adult. Please be aware that the melted beads will be warm.
    • Be sure to melt the beads evenly. Pay attention to the edges to ensure a strong bond between the beads.
    • Cooling Process: Allow the fused beads to cool for a few minutes. During this time, they solidify and form a durable, interconnected structure.
    • Flip and Repeat: After cooling, carefully remove the design from the pegboard. Flip it over and place the ironing paper on the other side. Repeat the ironing process to ensure both sides are securely fused.
    • Final Inspection: Once the design has cooled completely, inspect it for any beads that may not have fused properly. If needed, you can spot-iron specific areas to reinforce the connection.

Connecting fuse beads is not only a creative process but also a precise one. Taking care during the ironing phase ensures that the beads adhere to each other securely,

How to use fuse bead mosaic?

  1. Craft Personalized Gifts: Create unique, heartfelt gifts using fuse bead mosaics. Express love and joy through vibrant patterns tailored to your loved ones’ interests and favorite colors.
  2. Spread Positivity with Symbols: Infuse happiness into your designs with symbols like suns, hearts, or smiley faces. Small yet powerful, these symbols can uplift spirits and bring joy to those who receive your cheerful mosaics.
  3. Collaborate for Togetherness: Turn fuse bead crafting into a shared joy. Involve friends or family in creating collaborative mosaics, fostering togetherness and shared happiness.
  4. Craft for a Cause: Extend the happiness beyond your circle by creating fuse bead items for a cause. Craft coasters, keychains, or decorative pieces to donate to charities, hospitals, or community centers, bringing smiles to those in need.

Tip for a Stunning Pixelated Portrait

Selecting Vibrant Color Combinations

Experiment with color combinations to enhance the visual appeal of your pixelated portrait.
Vibrant and contrasting colors can add depth and dimension to your artwork.

Grayscale Expression

Embark on a journey of emotional depth with grayscale fuse bead creations.
Delve into the shades of black, white, and every nuance in between.

Duotone design

Elevate your artistic flair with Duotone fuse bead designs. Blend two captivating colors and shades of colors
to infuse your creations with a modern and stylish aesthetic.

Pixelate your Portrait with Color Fuse Beads: FAQs

Ideal Bead Size for Pixelation

The ideal bead size depends on the desired level of detail.
Smaller beads are suitable for intricate designs, while larger beads offer a more pronounced pixelation effect.

Yes, almost any portrait can be pixelated. However, choosing a high-resolution image will significantly enhance the final result.

How to Fix Misplaced Beads?

Gently reposition misplaced beads using tweezers before fusing. Be patient and attentive during the pixelation process to minimize errors. 

To preserve your pixelated masterpiece, avoid exposing it to direct sunlight and store it in a cool, dry place.

Recommended Platforms for Showcasing

Share your pixelated portraits on social media platforms, art forums, or dedicated art-sharing websites to connect with fellow enthusiasts and receive valuable feedback.

Feel the creativity flow by checking out different art designs in the photo mosaic gallery

Types of Fuse Beads

Fuse Beads, Hama, Artkal, Perler, Nabbi: Crafting Colorful Wonders

There are 3 fuse beads sizes:

  • 5 mm Ø  (Standard size, from 5 years),
  • 2.6 mm Ø (Mini, not for childred)
  • Jumbo 10 mm Ø  (from 3 years).

For low resolution mosaics, pixel art and for children are recommended standard 5mm beads, for high detailed mosaics mini beads. For mini beads you will need tweezers.

Most of fuse beads are compatible and you can mix it in mosaic. There are some special soft beads that are specific. Focus on solid fuse beads. There are many cheap alternatives,  but color stability and  the safety of the products is not guaranteed.

Material used for fuse beads is mostly polyethylene. Known brands uses food-grade low-density polyethylene. NABBI BioBeds brings new sustainable biodegradable material Biodolomer environmentally friendly without microplastics.

The primary distinction among brands lies in the variety of color palettes they offer.


A. NABBI Beads


1. History and new Nabbi BioBeads

In 1958, Munka Ljungby, Sweden, saw the birth of NABBI ironing beads by Munkplast AB, the pioneers of fuse beads. Originally made from PVC, a material of its time, we took a leap in 1990, acquiring Munkplast and transitioning to the more environmentally friendly polyethylene (PE). With a continued commitment to sustainability, latest stride is the introduction of NABBI BioBeads.

NABBI BioBeads and BioPegboards are like nature’s own creations, made from a special material called Biodolomer in Sweden. This magical material has ingredients from Nordic countries, such as rapeseed oil from Sweden and chalk from Norway.

2. Colors

With a broad spectrum of vibrant hues, Nabbi color fuse beads present an expansive palette for unleashing creative expression. Ranging from vibrant primaries to delicate pastels, these beads empower crafters to seamlessly blend and arrange colors, transforming artistic visions into captivating realities.

B. Hama Beads


1. Features and Characteristics

Hama beads, known for their quality and durability, are a favorite among crafters. These beads are renowned for their smooth finish and vibrant colors, making them ideal for creating eye-catching designs.

2. Color Range and Availability

One of the strengths of Hama beads lies in their extensive color range, providing artists with a broad palette to bring their visions to life. Additionally, these beads are widely available, making them accessible to crafters of all levels.

C. Artkal Beads


1. Unique Aspects and Advantages

Artkal beads stand out with their unique shape and texture, allowing for more intricate designs. Crafters appreciate the precision and detail that Artkal beads bring to their projects.

2. Creative Possibilities

Artkal beads open the door to a world of creative possibilities, enabling artists to experiment with new techniques and push the boundaries of fuse bead art. The result is often stunning and distinctive creations.

D. Perler Beads


1. Historical Significance

Perler beads, a pioneer in the fuse bead industry, have a rich history. Originating in the 1960s, Perler beads have continually evolved, maintaining their status as a beloved choice for crafters worldwide.

2. Innovation and Design

Perler beads continue to innovate with new designs and color options. Their commitment to staying on the cutting edge of fuse bead technology ensures that crafters always have access to the latest trends.

Artkal, Hama, Nabbi and Perler—brings its own flair to the world of fuse bead crafting. Artkal is celebrated for its unique shades and intricate colors, Hama for its smooth finish and consistency, and Perler for its innovative designs and commitment to staying on trend. The choice of brand often depends on the artist’s specific project requirements and personal preferences regarding color vibrancy and diversity. To infuse even more vibrancy into your creation, consider blending various brands for a delightful spectrum of colors.

Advanced Crafting


1. 3D Designs

Taking fuse bead art to the next level involves venturing into the realm of three-dimensional designs. Learn how to create impressive 3D structures using simple techniques and tools.

2. Mosaic Artwork

Mosaic artwork adds a touch of sophistication to fuse bead projects. Discover the secrets behind creating stunning mosaic designs that captivate the eye.

Benefits of Fuse Bead Art

A. Therapeutic Value

Back in the 1970s in Sweden, someone had a heartwarming idea to create fuse beads as a soothing activity for the elderly. They would joyfully arrange these plastic beads on a board, crafting beautiful patterns that were later transformed into cherished trivets or coasters.

1. Stress Relief

Fuse bead art offers a therapeutic escape from the stresses of daily life. Delve into the calming effects of this creative activity and how it promotes relaxation.

2. Mindfulness and Focus

The intricate nature of fuse bead projects fosters mindfulness and concentration. Learn how engaging in this craft enhances mental focus and cognitive abilities.

B. Educational Benefits


1. Motor Skills Development

For younger enthusiasts, fuse bead art contributes to the development of fine motor skills. Discover the educational advantages of incorporating fuse bead crafting into learning environments. Mini beads are a challenge with a lot of patience.

2. Cognitive Enhancement

The cognitive benefits of fuse bead art extend beyond motor skills, impacting cognitive functions such as problem-solving and spatial awareness. Explore the cognitive advantages that fuse bead crafting offers.

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