Purchasing and Registering FAQ

Before registration

Why should I register?

Our software is released as shareware, allowing you to test it for a limited 30 days period. If you plan to use the software, you must to register.

Can I test software before purchase?

Yes, you can download 30 days free trial version.

What happend to me if I fail to register after 30 days trial period?

Software will be after few minutes automatically terminated.

How can I register?

You can register online or you can use some other ordering options. Avangate supports ordering options: Credit Card, PayPal, FAX Ordering, Postal Mail, Phone, Purchase Order.
Read more about registration.

What are system requirements?

Minimal requirements are MS Windows 7/8/10, 512 MB RAM

Are sypported other platform?

Sorry, supported platform is MS Windows only

After registration

Where do I download full version of the software?

Software is available for download as 30 days free trial versions. If you register (purchase license), you receive registration number.
Just enter your registration number and trial version will be unlocked.

When I receive my registration number?

When you finish your order, it should take about up 1-2 days (mostly few minutes) to check and process your order in Avangate. When is your order finished, you will receive your registration number in email from Avangate, if you provided a valid email address. Orders are processed online, but some orders are checked manually.

How to enter registration number to unlock trial version?

If you have your registration number, start installed trial version and go to main menu Help/Register or Info/Register and enter your name and received registration number. If you entered correct name and registration number, trial version will be registered to you. Remember, registration number is case sensitive.

What should I do if my name and registration number are invalid?

If you see a message that your name and registration number were not accepted, please do the following:

  • Make sure that you pasted no leading or trailing spaces with the name or registration number fields.
  • Switch your keyboard to English language before pasting or typing in these fields.
  • Check if you type your registration number correctly, it is case sensitive.
  • If the above doesn’t help, then contact us.

I lost my registration number. What should I do?

You can receive your registration number again. Please fill Lost registration number form or send email to us with

  • your full name
  • postal address
  • registration email
  • product name
  • order reference number if you have it
  • date of registration (year and month)

We will check your order. If your information is correct, you will receive registration number.