Mosaic Creator video mosaic samples

Create video mosaics with Mosaic Creator

What type of video mosaic animation you can do with Mosaic Creator? Install DivX codec to preview video samples, please. You can use all features of Mosaic Creator and you can render sequence of mosaics to separated JPG files or to AVI file.


Some examples of rendering mosaic video sequence:


Matrix like ASCII art movie - Big ... watching you (Preview) Elements are characters, each frame is calculated as ASCII art mosaic.
Multiple videos rendered from thumbnail template(Preview) Each element is video stream rendered from extracted video frames. Number of cells is not limited, for design use any template.
Multiple videos semitransparent rendered from thumbnail template (Preview) Each element is video stream rendered from extracted video frames. Use alpha masking for cell images to set transparency.
Photomontage video (Preview) Elements are beer coasters, used alpha masking, no details visible due compression.
Simulated hexagonal display (Preview) Each element is hexagonal on color shape. Some distortions are due compression.
Puzzle screen video (Preview) One color puzzle cells. Only selected part of image is rendered, not full frame.
Alphamasked part of screen with defined pattern (Preview)
Used semitransparent hexagonal shapes on selected part of frame.
Text mosaic
Text mosaic is created from defined static text. In this sample is background defined as black color and text is semitransparent and resized. Size of text is based on source color.
Inverse ASCII art video mosaic Text mosaic is created from inverse ASCII art and small cell colorization.

You can render all types of mosaics from selected image video sequence. When is animation rendered from photomontages, there should be some frame to frame calculations. If no, there is raised huge noise, created with non-controlled cell image changes in short time period. Mosaic Creator has three control values to enable frame to frame calculations. Image lock frame count - number of frames without cell image change when cell color change is over test change threshold. Test change threshold - under this threshold are cell color changes ignored, over values are tested to lock frame count. Forced change threshold - forced cell image change if cell color change is over this threshold.

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