Stereogram Explorer Download Free trial version

Stereogram Explorer 2.4

Stereogram Explorer is shareware with 30 days trial period. Unregistered software superimposes the name of the program onto the upper-left corner of the images. If you plan to continue using the program after that period, you must register.

MS Windows Vista  Download Stereogram Explorer 30 day free trial ver. 2.4

        (Size 1700 kB)


 System requirements

MS Windows
  • MS Windows XP/7/8/10
  • Minimum 32 MB RAM
  • 4 MB disk space for program and additional files
  • Minimum 20 MB store result stereograms


Stereogram Explorer version history

 Stereogram Explorer Version 2.4 

  • added support to render depthmaps from entered text
  • added support for graphics hardware accelerators
  • changed 3D model interface

Stereogram Explorer Version 2.3

  • changed registry root key

Stereogram Explorer Version 2.2

  • added texture offset params

Stereogram Explorer Version 2.1

  • fixed some minor bugs
  • added converging and diverging stereogram rendering
  • size 1024 x 768
  • save depth map from 3D scene


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