Mosaic Creator Features

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Mosaic Creator is available in two versions - Lite and Professional

Mosaic Creator allows you to create a large regular mosaic patterned images made of many small cells. Mosaic Creator allows creating standard photo mosaics as other similar photo mosaic software. Also it can render good images using the least image collections with fine color enhance. Specific for Mosaic Creator are optional non rectangular pattern cell shapes (puzzle shape, triangle, hexagon, etc).

Mosaic Creator includes pattern shape editor for user defined patterns (only in professional version). You can start to create mosaics only with one image. You must select cell images, source image, destination image size and pattern type. You can enhance the rendering process by fine color modifying the cell images, and finish up the resulting mosaic image by adding a cell borders. There are no limit for number of cell images and output mosaic file size. The Mosaic Wizard simplifies the process of mosaic definition. Mosaic Creator can prepare thumbnails with clickable image map (Web picture gallery) and render video animations.

Main features

  • Visual explanation of basic terms
  • Create photo mosaics, mosaics [view]
  • Clickable web gallery thumbnails [view]
  • Precalculate tile mosaics from glass, ceramics, stones and quilts [view]
  • Create mosaics from text [view]
  • Create ASCII art as HTML or image [view]
  • Create video mosaics [view]

Photo mosaics (see gallery)

  • Unlimited number of cell images
  • Unlimited size of output mosaic file size
  • Printing services
  • Internal viewer
  • Non rectangular cell shapes (puzzle, hexagon, triangle)
  • Pattern shape editor  (tutorial)
  • Predefined pattern shapes (more than 60 free) (preview)
  • Mosaic Creator Wizard (easy create 6 types of mosaics)
  • Fine color enhance (single cell and detail cell)
  • Antialiasing for smooth results (see preview)
  • Control repetition image cells
  • Ability to create photo mosaics
  • Fast render preview
  • Control cell border parameters
  • Alpha masking
  • Color masking
  • Define filling matrix

Web gallery thumbnails (see on picture)

  • Create unique clickable multipage thumbnails
  • Thumbnail Wizard
  • Non rectangular galleries
  • Master and detail pages with full navigation
  • Color schemes, set colors and textures
  • Add comments to your photo
  • Add watermark to protect your photos
  • Add borders to your photos
  • Edit your footer
  • Resize and stretch options
  • Support EXIF information

Tile mosaics (more details)

  • Convert any image into a mosaic tile design
  • Set any mosaic dimensions (Size calculator included)
  • Automatic filling from selected tile pictures
  • Control tile repetition control
  • Optimize result price
  • Export high quality tile mosaic preview
  • Set any grout color and control gap size
  • Render random pattern design
  • Works well for pools, kitchens, bathrooms, counter tops, floors
  • Prints a list of used tiles
  • Prints mosaic design in real size
  • Prints a tile grid, grid with tile numbers
  • Render mosaic design with tile numbers
  • Prints an estimate price based upon tile price
  • Easy to use with any tile set

Video mosaics (see samples)

  • Control cell image repetition in video mosaic
  • Use video sequences as cell images
  • Render to frames or AVI file

Supported image file formats:

  • Source & Cell Image Formats - BMP, JPG, PNG, TIFF, TGA, PCX, GIF, WMF, EMF
  • Output Image Format - BMP, JPG, TIF, PNG, AVI

System requirements

MS Windows
  • MS Windows XP/7/8/10
  • Minimum 2 GB RAM
  • 30 MB disk space for installation
  • 500 MB hard disk space for rendered files


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