Sample 3+ Gigapixel mosaic created with Mosaic Creator

3 Gigapixel mosaic = Sample 3,366,400,000 pixel mosaic 

HUGE MOSAIC This mosaic was generated with Mosaic Creator (version 3.0) with one rendering step (no merging files or other post-processing). This is answer for many questions, for example "where are limits in picture size". This sample is not the biggest possible picture, it is only demonstration of "how really large mosaics can be rendered". It is not effective to render these giants, because there is no way to use them.  

Result mosaic was rendered to BMP file with size 10,099,200,054 bytes = 9.631 MB = 9.4 Gigabytes
Number of Pixels: 3,366,400,000 (3 Gigapixels and few hundred megapixels over)

Technical information

Source image   Van Gogh - Starry Night
Cell images   2709 pictures at size 320 x 200 pixels
Cells   Cells (or tiles): 200 x 263 = 52,600 cells
Cell size   320 x 200 pixels
Result file size   9.4 GB (RAW BMP file)
Result picture size
  64,000 x 52,600 pixels
Number of pixels
  3.37 Gigapixels Picture consists of 68,768 JPEG files with total size more than 750 MBytes.

Mosaic Creator rendering options

no color enhancements minimal distance between the same images 7 cells cell recognition value set to 10 Rendering time less than 1 hour. Really fast because there was no requirements for cell image resize. First was mosaic rendered in smaller version and then large version.

Conversion for Zoomify viewer

Result BMP was converted with Zoomify utility to 68,768 small pictures in JPEG format. Total file size of pictures is more than 750 Megabytes. You can see how effective is Zoomify viewer with this huge number of resources. Use controls on bottom of picture to ZOOM IN and see every detail of cell images. When you in max zoom, check how small part are you see (check top-left preview).


If there is some software that can print pictures of this size, you can print these sizes:

DPI print resolution
size in inches
size in feet
size in centimeters
size in meters
300 DPI
213.3 x 175.3 in
17.75 x 14.58 ft
541.9 x 445 cm
5.42 x 4.45 m
150 DPI
426.7 x 350.7 in
35.5 x 29.2 ft
1,084 x 891 cm
10.84 x 8.91 m
100 DPI
640 x 526 in
53.3 x 43.8 ft
1,625 x 1336 cm
16.26 x 13.36 m


Q: Is there some application that can open 10GB BMP file?

A: We don't know. Adobe Photoshop CS2 doesn't open it.

Q: How can be this huge picture printed?

A: It should be sliced to smaller parts and then used.

Q: Is this huge picture available for download?

A: No

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